24 Hour:

Street Smartz

Explore a simple approach for evaluating your options over a wide range of threatening situations. The objective is to internalize an infra-structure of defense tactics from which you can easily draw upon in a moment of stress.

Our training focuses on the entire spectrum of threat ranging from initial perception of danger and continuing through the active counter measures that will enable you to handle seriously violent situations.

The confidence that results from training greatly lessens the likelihood of you being targeted in the first place.

This single, 90-minute course is the first of its kind available for private individuals.

It teaches:

  • Avoidance and Exposure Management

  • Instant Strategic Planning and Positioning

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Control Tactics

  • Strategic Nerve Dysfunctioning Technology

Comprehensive yet concise. This series is available in 8 one-hour seminars. Private training and corporate programs are available. Special programs can be designed to suit varying needs.


Active and Passive Countermeasures Advanced Countermeasures
Learn to respond to any unarmed situation. Professional tactics include strategic positioning, mental posturing, verbal and non-verbal control, soft touch dissuasion and hard physical control. An extensive continuation of Active and Passive Countermeasures – more tactical tools for a wider variety of threatening situations.
The Equalizer Combatics – Offensive Tactics
Pocket Stick Control Tactics – A small dowel which fits in the palm of your hand and is able to magnify simple fingertip pressure into excruciating pain on your attacker. Sometimes your position diminishes when you wait. Offensive Tactics teaches you a systematic approach to how and when to go offensive.
Impact Weapons Defense Edge Weapon Awareness
Defensive strategies to disarm attackers of clubs, bottles and other handheld implements. Sharp or pointed objects have certain traits in common. Learn the tactics needed to escape harm from more critical situations.
Gun Disarming and Retention Multiple Opponents
Understand firearms and maneuvers for disarming an attacker with a gun. Learn the escapes for these frightening ‘do or die’ scenarios. A comprehensive study of tactics needed when confronted by multiple opponents. Learn the advantages and objectives you have to escape this common situation.
Multiple Opponents with Weapons
Competence and strategy developed in previous levels makes dealing with multiple opponents with weapons realistic. It also enhances one’s capabilities against anything less.

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