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Cast & Crew Security

Executive Defense Team specializes in the protection of high-profile individuals. For over two decades, EDT has provided security services to those individuals firmly in the public eye, offering discrete and unsurpassed safeguards against any potential threat.

Our vetted, consummately-skilled protectors are well-spoken, personable and are contracted to ensure complete confidentiality. They hide in plain sight, always watching for any potential threats to ensure your team’s safety without any reduction of personal comfort, quality of relationships or performance of their employment duties.

Our team addresses all of your security needs, from perimeter to transportation, in a way that is specifically tailored to your production schedule and needs. You’re provided with an experience which is supremely well-executed and entirely seamless.



From Our Clients…

“We were so pleased by the seamless and inconspicuous security process that we retained [EDT] for Mr. [Sean] Hannity’s visit. Unbeknownst to us Sean had also invited [a US Senator and a gubernatorial candidate] to accompany him which increased our already sizable undertaking. EDT was able to respond in a very efficient manner with minimal notice.

I have complete confidence in EDT and the professional manner in which they conduct themselves in a business with literally no margin for error, and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

John Rohm, SVPO
Clear Channel Communications

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