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Corporate Protection Services and Training

For over a decade, EDT has provided a wide range of corporate security and protection services for clients like Mellon Bank, AT&T Wireless, Marconi Communications, FreeMarkets, the United Jewish Federation and the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Services include confidential Threat Assessment, Access Control and Disaster Response. EDT also specializes in Workplace Violence Intervention & Prevention and Reduction-in-Force Management.

EDT offers its corporate clients licensed, private investigators and bodyguard services along with a broad spectrum of training related to high-level corporate safety and security, all of which are available out-sourced or in-house.

Where are You at Risk?

Critical Assets Type Loss
Personnel Owners
Executive Staff
General Staff
Customers, Visitors and Vendors
Murder, Assault, Fear, Psychological Disability, Legal Liability
Infrastructure Building Structure
Computer/Business Records
Communications Equipment
Company Possessions
Proprietary Information
Damage, Theft or Vandalism
Company Reputation
Good will
EDT in the Real World
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