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Corporate Protection Services and Training

For over a decade, EDT has provided a wide range of corporate security and protection services for clients like Mellon Bank, AT&T Wireless, Marconi Communications, FreeMarkets, the United Jewish Federation and the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Services include confidential Threat Assessment, Access Control and Disaster Response. EDT also specializes in Workplace Violence Intervention & Prevention and Reduction-in-Force Management.

EDT offers its corporate clients licensed, private investigators and bodyguard services along with a broad spectrum of training related to high-level corporate safety and security, all of which are available out-sourced or in-house.

Where are You at Risk?

Critical Assets Type Loss
Personnel Owners
Executive Staff
General Staff
Customers, Visitors and Vendors
Murder, Assault, Fear, Psychological Disability, Legal Liability
Infrastructure Building Structure
Computer/Business Records
Communications Equipment
Company Possessions
Proprietary Information
Damage, Theft or Vandalism
Company Reputation
Good will
EDT in the Real World
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Reductions in Force:

Trib Total Media Announces Layoffs

Executive Defense Team specializes in helping companies navigate the transitory complications which surround significant reductions in force. See what former clients have said about our services and capabilities here.

Article: Tribune-Review merging with other newspapers….more cuts possible as reorganization of Pittsburgh company’s news operations continues, with new focus on digital and large stake in NewsMax….


Executive Protection/Reductions in Force:

Slowdown In Natural Gas Production Bringing About Significant Layoffs

Executive Defense Team specializes in the protection of high-profile individuals, their loved ones, their property and their business interests. This often applies to the protection of CEOs and Executives of companies executing reductions in force, as hostile work environments and employees materialize. See what former clients have said about our services and capabilities here.

Article: Industry realities force fuel production company Marcellus to institute layoffs which will affect 162 workers in the Pittsburgh area….



Film Piracy: A Threat to the Entire Movie Industry

‘Camcorder piracy,’ in which theater-goers illegally record movies and release them online, significantly reduces the copyright holder’s profits.

The internet and file-sharing websites have made movie piracy extremely popular, an unfortunate fact which has seen an increasing number of theater-goers illegally recording movies and posting them online before they’re scheduled for home-release. Executive Defense Team specializes in making sure that this doesn’t happen to our clients’ intellectual property by ensuring its physical security and restricting the use of recording devices during screening.