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Anti Piracy Services

The advent of the internet and file-sharing websites has made movie piracy extremely popular. US motion pictures studios lost over ten billion dollars in the past decade alone. Due to the popularity of this unlawful activity, an increasing number of theater-goers are illegally recording movies and posting them online before they’re scheduled for home-release.

Experts on the subject argue that movie piracy is responsible for losses of up to 40% of box office revenue. Perhaps the most egregious violation of the studio’s content rights happens when privileged movie-goers illicitly record a film at a pre-screening or promotional event before the movie is released in theaters, and then publish it online. This is a major problem for production companies in the United States which they can’t afford to ignore.

Executive Defense Team specializes in making sure that this doesn’t happen to our clients’ intellectual property. EDT will dispatch qualified guards to any pre-screening or promotional event to protect the integrity of our client’s creative content by overseeing the film’s physical security and restricting the use of recording devices during the show. Our guards come with sophisticated surveillance equipment, so that any perpetrators are caught in the act and referred to the proper authorities.

Your creative content will not end up on the web because someone stole it from an EDT-supervised event.

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