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“In Good Company”
July 11, 2004
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

An exclusive feature in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, this piece gives a more in-depth overview of why Executive Defense Team has “the highest level of clientele in town.” The article details EDT’s services, licensures, credentials, and attests to the law enforcement and military backgrounds of many of EDT’s employees. The article also goes into the history of the business, charting its founder’s origins in martial arts and firearms training programs.

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“Layoffs will always exist, but how they happen can be controlled”
July 1, 2004
Pittsburgh Business Times

A guest commentary in the Pittsburgh Business Times by Executive Defense Team’s CEO, Kevin Pegnato, this article outlines tactics to avoid workplace violence after employee layoffs. Included in the article is advice on how to responsibly point affected employees in a positive direction after a layoff, and the steps which should be taken to ensure the safety to oneself and the remaining staff.

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“Secure but unseen”
March 23, 1997
Pittsburgh Business Times

Featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times, this article detailing the services which Executive Defense Team offers, as well as the business practices which set Executive Defense Team apart as the real deal in executive security services. The article includes testimonies from local partners and clients.

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“Offering a first line of defense”
October 12, 2001
Pittsburgh Business Times

Featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times, this article chronicles the rise in demand for Executive Defense Team’s services in the wake of September 11th, 2001. It includes details about Executive Defense Team’s training of airline staff in defensive measures and EDT’s handling of a bomb threat on a client’s place of business after a series of layoffs.

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