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Client Reviews

“[Kevin,] you and your team did a great job! You definitely know your business and you are easy to work with….that made this challenging and emotional project so successful. Thank you.”

Larry Nisivoccia
Director of Quality Assurance
Heraeus Electro-Nite Co., LLC

“I have complete confidence in EDT and the professional manner in which they conduct themselves in a business with literally no margin for error, and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

John Rohm, SVPO
Clear Channel Communications

“Our organization found it helpful to engage Executive Defense Team to investigate a series of incidents…EDT performed their services in a highly thorough and professional manner and I would recommend them.”

Attilio J. Zasso
Principal Engineer
State of CA Department of Water Resources

“Our company recently made some very difficult decisions with respect to our workforce. As a result of those decisions, we were required to reduce our workforce by some 20%. In connection therewith, we retained [Executive Defense Team]. Mr. Pegnato and his team acted very professionally and greatly assisted in a smooth transition for the remaining employees. In addition to providing security to our company’s executives and assisting in the exit interviews and processing of terminated employees, Mr. Pegnato also referred us to excellent outsourced HR and employee placement companies. [Executive Defense Team] truly brought with them a wealth of experience and resources during our period of employment reductions.”

John H. Iannucci
Chief Legal Counsel
eToll, Inc.

“[Executive Defense Team] was extremely professional and empathetic towards our separated employees during the implementation of our restructuring. That work had a particularly positive impact on those who are our “foundation for the future,” as they witnessed their friends being treated with respect. In addition, I particularly appreciated [the] quick response and excellent guidance dealing with the bomb threat the following day. While it was unexpected, it was clear that [the] team had the experience to deal with the event immediately, allowing us to get back to business in the shortest window possible. Understanding that the business world is not always a nice place, it’s reassuring to have [Executive Defense Team] as a partner to keep us prepared for the unexpected.”

Mark E. Tapling
President & CEO
ServiceWare Technologies

“[I] enthusiastically recommend the services of Executive Defense [Team]. Over the past year, my company has conducted two reductions in force and EDT has been with us for both of them. CEO, Kevin Pegnato, helped us carry out the termination process with intelligence and professionalism. Reflecting on the experience, I believe Kevin’s honest, competent advice was critical to completing the process with a minimum amount of trauma to our business and employees.

I was particularly impressed with the patience and sensitivity he showed when handling what could have turned into a violent situation with one volatile employee who became agitated. Kevin spent two hours talking to the employee and calming the employee down, when others might have simply strong-armed the employee out of the building. The result was a well-organized, well-executed termination, which allowed the employee to maintain their dignitiy and the remaining employees their sense of security. Kevin also took the initiative to keep in contact with the employee for the remainder of the week, at no additional charge to us.

From planning and scripting a reducition in force to execution and follow-up, Kevin and [Executive Defense Team] are prfect examples of professionals who know what they’re doing and prove it every time they walk through the door. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

David F. Diederich
District General Manager

EDT in the Real World
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Reductions in Force:

Trib Total Media Announces Layoffs

Executive Defense Team specializes in helping companies navigate the transitory complications which surround significant reductions in force. See what former clients have said about our services and capabilities here.

Article: Tribune-Review merging with other newspapers….more cuts possible as reorganization of Pittsburgh company’s news operations continues, with new focus on digital and large stake in NewsMax….


Executive Protection/Reductions in Force:

Slowdown In Natural Gas Production Bringing About Significant Layoffs

Executive Defense Team specializes in the protection of high-profile individuals, their loved ones, their property and their business interests. This often applies to the protection of CEOs and Executives of companies executing reductions in force, as hostile work environments and employees materialize. See what former clients have said about our services and capabilities here.

Article: Industry realities force fuel production company Marcellus to institute layoffs which will affect 162 workers in the Pittsburgh area….



Film Piracy: A Threat to the Entire Movie Industry

‘Camcorder piracy,’ in which theater-goers illegally record movies and release them online, significantly reduces the copyright holder’s profits.

The internet and file-sharing websites have made movie piracy extremely popular, an unfortunate fact which has seen an increasing number of theater-goers illegally recording movies and posting them online before they’re scheduled for home-release. Executive Defense Team specializes in making sure that this doesn’t happen to our clients’ intellectual property by ensuring its physical security and restricting the use of recording devices during screening.